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Michael White

Broker, investor, ga lic 391172, tn lic 349529

Michael has been a real estate investor since 2014, a licensed agent since 2019, and a broker since 2023. Michael brings with him an impressive background of valuable insight and real estate market knowledge spanning almost a decade.

He has also purchased, renovated, rented, and sold his own properties in Tennessee and North Georgia. This experience best serves his home buyers, investors, sellers, and families before, during, and long after the sale. Diligently staying a breast of current market trends and his deeply analytical approach allows him to quickly assess whether an investment makes financial sense. Excellent negotiation skills and effective communication skills are the benchmark of his success. He is organized, patient, and his clients’ strongest advocate.

Michael is an equine vet by trade, but his passion for real estate snowballed into obtaining his licensing and opening his own firm. Dedicated to helping his clients navigate the home buying or selling process and property owners manage and maintain their assets, he knows what goes into protecting your investment.

Melissa Platt

Business manager

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Your Path to Real Estate Success

At Greystone Realty, we're committed to guiding you on your real estate journey, whether you're an investor, buyer, or seller. Our three-step plan will lead you to success.

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Step 1.

Contact Us

Whether you're seeking promising investments, your dream home, or selling your property, our expert team will be ready to assist you with personalized attention.

Step 2.

Buy or Sell With Confidence

For buyers, we'll help you find the perfect property that suits your preferences and portfolio. For sellers, we'll work diligently to secure top dollar for your listings.

Step 3.

Realize Your Goals

See their portfolios thrive, enjoy your ideal homes, and experience succcessful transactions. Greystone Realty is here to make your real estate dreams a reality.